How does carsharing with SnappCar work?

Rent the perfect car or van from your neighbours

Find a Keyless ride that suits you

Looking for a snazzy car for work, a convertible for the weekend or a van to pick up a vintage find? Choose the perfect car or van for your mission on our easy-to-use app.

Join the club

Open a SnappCar account within minutes. All we need from you is a driver’s license, an ID, and a bank account.

Request your neighbour’s car

No need to knock on their door! Let them know when you need their car via the app and pay as soon as they’ve approved your request, or choose ‘Instant Booking’ to skip a step.

Pick up your car

Searching for the car keys? So old school! Open the app, hit the button and voilà! You’ve unlocked the car. Check in via the app and off you go.

Return the car

Park the car in the place you found it, check out with the app and lock the car. You’ve just completed your first successful Snappcar ride!

Renting a car from your neighbours using SnappCar?

This is carsharing of the future, if you ask us!

Affordable option

Carsharing is a lot cheaper than owning a car. SnappCar is the most affordable option for day and weekend trips.

Largest range of cars

Book hundreds of cars from individuals in your neighbourhood via the app. A city car, van or wedding car? Check!

Trustworthy community

Every new user is screened, we offer all-risk insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance through the Eurocross.

Greener neighbourhood

Go for a neighbourhood with more green than gray. Less parking means more space to live and play!

Two people exchanging keys for a car

Frequently asked questions

Can I rent a car through SnappCar?

What is Keyless?

Oh no! What happens if I damage the car during the rental period?

Can someone else drive the car?

Can I take the car abroad?

How does it work with fueling up the car?

Can I cancel my booking?

Have a different question that is not listed here? No Sweat!

Want to rent a car while making the world a better place for everyone?

We've got a mission: fewer cars on our streets. And we're getting there! Our carsharing community has prevented the production of at least 129.309 new cars. Will you join us?

Affordable car rental

Did you know that in the Netherlands, 8 million cars are stationary for an average of 23 hours a day? SnappCar tries to solve that problem through renting and leasing via the sharing economy. With SnappCar, you can affordably rent a car from private individuals near you. Do you know how SnappCar works?

Carsharing and car sharing

Car sharing is often called carsharing. By sharing your car and renting from other private individuals near you, you ensure that we make better use of car ownership. SnappCar aims to remove 5 out of 10 cars from the road. The result is more living space and less CO2 emissions. The more cars we share with each other, the fewer cars we need in total.

Renting out and sharing cars

Want to earn back your car costs and waste less? Rent out your car through SnappCar and join in car sharing. Good for the environment and a more sustainable society. With SnappCar Keyless, you can rent out your car even more easily; this is our technology for keyless renting. You can rent out your own car via SnappCar.

Rent a shared car

Renting a shared car from SnappCar is often cheaper than from traditional rental companies. Do you want to rent a car in Amsterdam, rent a car in Rotterdam, rent a car in The Hague, or rent a car in Utrecht? Additionally, check out our great range of convertibles for rent, Teslas for rent, or rent a classic car from a private owner, for example.

Rent a van

You can affordably rent cars through SnappCar. But did you know that you can also affordably and privately rent vans? You can easily rent a van in Amsterdam, rent a van in Rotterdam, rent a van in The Hague, or rent a van in Utrecht, for example. Delivery vans are also often available for rent.